ICR – Independent Complaints Reviewer


Welcome to the ICR Office

The ICR Office provides an independent complaints review service for HM Land Registry. We do not investigate complaints about any other organisation. Anyone (including the members of the public, businesses and professional advisors) may refer a complaint to the Independent Complaints Reviewer.

Our main role is to provide a free, effective and impartial complaints review and resolution service. Our aim is to settle complaints in a proportionate manner and to make a positive difference for all those who use our service.

The ICR Office cannot consider disputes about official decisions made by HM Land Registry or legal matters.

The ICR Office is not a part of the management structure of the organisation which it investigates and our services are free to complainants.

The post of the Independent Complaints Reviewer is currently vacant. Until an Independent Complaints Reviewer is in place, there will be some limitations on what the ICR office can do. We will continue to look at each complaint to see if there is scope to resolve it by agreement between the complainant and HM Land Registry. If you have received a final complaint response from HM Land Registry, please contact our office and we will discuss with you whether we can help and what your options are.

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government will appoint a new Independent Complaints Reviewer in due course.